FBC Student Ministries

Making Jesus Greater!


At FBC Teague, we are Gospel (Jesus) - focused. This means that we exist to put Christ first in everything that we do. We want to know Him and make Him known. We become less so that He (Jesus) is made great. Is there any greater goal in life than to glorify Him?

Making Disciples

We desire to make disciples who will make disciples. Our human nature drives us to make ourselves the center of our universe. But we find the greatest fulfillment and are most at peace when we make Jesus the center of our lives. We are less interested in having a large youth group and more interested in making committed Christ-followers for a lifetime. From Bible study groups that meet throughout the year, to DNOW (Disciple Now weekends), to FUGE Camp, to Small Groups - we desire to make Disciples who are actively making Disciples.

Three Legs of Ministry

Healthy well-balanced Youth Ministry consists of three parts:

  • Students - Students in grades 7-12

  • Parents - Parents of our 7th-12th grade Students

  • Workers/Volunteers - Adult & College Student workers and volunteers throughout the year

Youth Ministry includes a balance of each of these three groups of people. We create environments for youth-friendly worship, Bible studies, and community building that will help our students draw closer to Christ. We recognize that parents are the primary spiritual influence in our students' lives - and seek to equip them with resources and develop a community to foster that spiritually-influencing role. Bible study teachers, group leaders, event volunteers, and team ministry leaders are essential for making a youth ministry purposeful and successful throughout the year. If one leg is neglected, then youth ministry becomes imbalanced.

Send Us To Camp

Come see us and buy some great stuff for your house or to use as gifts, and send us to church camp.

Parenting Resources

If you would like to check it out either of these video resources, please come by the church office.